viernes, 20 de noviembre de 2015

Picture Description

Hello, I´m Juan Pablo, and I´ll describe the next picture. To start with the picture´s description I will say that the picture is divided in 9 parts.

First of all, we can see at the middle left and right two women putting on paint in their faces. At the middle, in the background of all we can see a lot of people totally painted. We can see a that the people there in the pictures look like they are in a party or in a celebration and one of them is oainted with primary colours, blue, red and yellow and some green principally.

The picture describes the celebration of India representing the winning of good against the evil. A good form to celebrate the happiness with a colour party some like that. In my personal opinion I lived an experience at colour run, and I like it so much.

Diary Entry

Dear Diary:
Today at morning my parents saids me that they select me years ago the woman who will be in the future my wife. I don´t know her, and my parents never wanted to tell me the situation. It is a tradition but they never told me.

Today´s afternoon went to my home she´s parents (Dominique) with her. Today my parents told me and I knew her. I don´t like her, and I don´t want her. The tradition is so related with our religion here in India, the Induism. Our religion says that all parents must to decide the future wife of they sons, and the same action to they daughters, cause this make what is better for the future of our family or they family. However I don´t feel in love with her, actually know a lot of others women but really I don´t want and I don´t like her.

Chapter 10

1.- Donald refers that the risk that Biko´s take was when he didn´t want to give a name and for this, get 6 months of prison.

2.- She hunged her own self, but Biko and Donald Woods didn´t believe that, and demand a inquest.

3.- Anticipating the next chapter, the chapter number 11, there will arrive a lot of problems to Biko, driving in some "white areas" at cape town at the night.

miércoles, 18 de noviembre de 2015


Franco Bertinelli
Juan Pablo Sepulveda

F: Are you listening to what the boy is saying?
JP: Yes, I´m paying atention for all that he´s saying. He´s wrong.
F: I agree, cause women have to take care about the little boys.
J: I don´t think so, women must have the same opportunities to work than they married have.
F: Women would take advantage staying with they childs, and teach they what is good and wrong.
J: I am don´t think this, because is not correct that women take all the care about childrens, men also can do it.
F: I like how women nurse and protect childrens
J: Some times men can stay at his home doing that domestic works, not everything women.
F: Women have to stay at home and men must to go work and maintain the family, his son or daugther  and wife.
J: I don´t think so, because women are all equal than men.
F: I think that men are better people to work that women.

jueves, 6 de agosto de 2015

Picture Describe.

The first picture shows a man who is showing his bicep muscle, that's the meaning of a lot of training. At the front of the picture appear the arm of the man, who's showing his bicep, between the bicep of the arm, there is a ruler with that the man is looking the results of his training. At the background of the picture we can see that this sportsman is in a sports room with all those elements like a weight. The caption of this image make reference to the winning of his own challenge, to be a better sportsman. This is something that apear very frequently in sportsmen lifes.

The fourth picture, shows ones childs completely painted and they shows with they faces a lot happiness, celebrating the holy festival that is happens in India. At the middle of the image, we look three childs painted and laughing, demonstrating happines. The two childs at the left, are looking something that is producing they a lot of funny. The caption of the image make reference to the love that people in India have to this celebration, because it make hppiness at the people.

viernes, 31 de julio de 2015

Steroid: chemical that is produced in the body or made as a drug. Steroids can act as hormones or be used for treating conditions such as swelling, or, illegally, by athletes to improve their performance.

Purging: From Purge, to remove people suddenly or violently from an organizationgroup etc.

lunes, 6 de julio de 2015

Diary Entry

In this diary entry I will talk about the social problems that affects all countries. Around the world. I will talk about this world topic because last month I travelled to Brazil, a country where is living one of my most personal friends. To write this diary entry, I will write it in a serious tone and obviously in a past and informal or semi-formal register.
In my trip, my friend showed me there, how Brazil looks like with those different realities of lifestyle about brazilian population. So I decided to give my point of view about this. More over, I must say that I did an investigation about the topic, on internet to take more and most clear knowledge about it. Also I took from the famous page of britain, BBC, and it said that the poverty is something that affects the Latin-American and African countries.

Dear Diary:
                   Last month I heard about the great problem that is happening in Latin America and Africa.

In my trip last month, I went to brazil, and the friend who received methere, told me that there are ba lot of people who work all day and every day a week, but they receive a salary of $4 per day, and sometimes and somewhere less. Poverty is a problem around the world that is affecting to all the people in all countries. These people, the most of the times, cant have access to a basic sanitation, something that producess a lot of sickness.

He invited me to take a trip around the cit. First we went to the area where the big houses and buildings are completely normal, but fifteen minutes later he took me to a place where the little houses and dirty streets were different to the other area. The styles of life of people who live in that area and in the other area, are completely different. Also he told me that this is a social problem that is happening in Chile, Argentina, Perú etc, also in Africa.

I think that we, like all the people around the world, have to help all those countries to improve the life style of all people and the development of our world. A report of the BBC in England, says that more than third of the people in the region remained vulnerable, this mentions the sickness and less access to basic sanitation. This is a consequence that poverty produces, something that we must fix. However I think and I said to my friend that the main responsability to control this problem is of the goverment. Goverments have to make some equal style of life of different people inside their countries. Finally, I think that if all goverments of all those countries solve this social problem, the development of our world can be better and in better conditions for all the people.